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About us

OSE Vision

Open Source Entertainment was created to be more than just a record label. The backbone of OSE is the entrepreneurial drive which each team member possesses, or is on a path to learn . In order to properly develop its artists, OSE has given itself the next two years to prove its business model in music, while utilizing over 15 years of business success in various industries and markets.  Either we are going to break an artist in a major way, or we will become the boutique production brand and high quality studio in the DMV. During this time frame, signed artists are expected to have learned the blueprint of the business of entertainment, or whatever passion they might have. After these artists become groomed in the entrepreneurial world and have the ability to create revenue, OSE plans to expand and scout new music/entrepreneurial talent.

What is OSE?

Open Source Entertainment (OSE) is a record label that was officially created in 2013, honestly as a hobby, but which very quickly formed a vision of creating a business incubator specifically for independent artists, producers, DJs, and managers in the music industry.  A few years earlier, Serial entrepreneur, Matej Harangozo, became passionate about making/producing music. He was driven by his determination to bring a friend back to her musical artistry, and his long time love for the art. His passion is derived from spreading entrepreneurship and running a few key start ups that turned into profitable businesses, the main one being greeNEWit, focusing on energy efficiency services & sustainability consulting and Aarrow Advertising which is an international franchise focusing on guerilla marketing. 

The name OpenSourceEntertaiment is derived from the existing open source software community trend in information technology. Software coders have, for the last few years, been creating open source software processes which cater more toward the users, than the company, which revolutionized the software industry and offered hundreds of software tools to the market at no cost. It was a protest movement against the tech giants like Microsoft.

Google products such as android and the famous Open Office(popular free replacement for Microsoft office) are successful examples of this open source movement. Open Source Entertainment therefore, was created to be a community that is focused on developing artists as entrepreneurs for the consumers and music lovers and not for the pockets of major labels.