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Creating and building your brand in the music industry (101)

Creating and building your brand 101 (Music Industry)

Full Course 2hr:12min (2:12:00 - Hr:Min:Sec) (5 chapters)

  • Ch 1(starts @ 0:00:00) - What is a brand or branding?
  • Ch 2(starts @ 0:06:15) - Competition and marketplace analysis
  • Ch 3(starts @ 0:44:33) - Understanding your "Super Fan"
  • Ch 4(starts @ 1:04:03) - Creating and building YOUR Brand
  • Ch 5(starts @ 1:40:14) - Creating a strategy for branding and pushing your brand(marketing)
The music industry has changed drastically in the last decade and if you want to succeed as an musician, artist, producer or a DJ you have to understand the music business, your fans, and how to independently grow your brand and create a demand for your product. Building and marketing a successful brand in the music business today is different than it was 10 even 5 years ago, and understanding the correct strategies and tools is crucial for a successful career in the music Biz.



Creating and building your brand in the music industry (101)

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